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Av Kasia - 31 mars 2014 21:09

I am almost there!

There is only one day left and I can tell you I am tired. I love my red juice. There are some lovely soups I managed to put together (asparagus and cauliflower) and tasty chicken based lunches, but I am getting soooo bored now.

I cannot even say what it is that I am craving from my ordinary food list.

Wait a second…

I guess it would be a rye bread sandwich with soft boiled egg quarters resting on a thin layer of mayonnaise (!!!), garnished with slices of radish and spring onion, seasoned with generous amount of black pepper.

Not chocolate, not buns or cookies.

Not even red wine!   

Maybe a generous splash of brandy…. Mmmm!

It kicks ass! The world’s largest food addict has almost made it! 

Please let me survive ONE MORE DAY!

Love to All.

Av Kasia - 31 mars 2014 12:28

I had a lion chase experience this morning.
Someone STOLE an hour of our life on Saturday night!!! So we woke up one hour later this morning.
But green/red juice had to be mede anyway and egg and cucumber sandwich had to be eaten by my boy before daycare.
I ESCAPED the lion when I NOTICED that a stress reaction is flusing over my body and I managed to breath through it.
More? I managed to make a NEW PLAN. (Drive instead of walking!) and I mede it to the meeting I had on time!!
Now when the meeting is over I sit with a huge cup of caffeine free tea, eat a raw eco bar and I breath myself back to ballance.
I REST! And I am proud :)
Love to All.

Av Kasia - 30 mars 2014 20:34


Tasty AND beautifully light red.

Av Kasia - 30 mars 2014 16:06

Is stress dangerous for us?

NO! Stress (and adrenaline) has always helped us survive when we were in danger. When we needed to choose between fight or flight.

Take ZEBRAS. They live among lions. They are lions’ food. They should be TERRIBLY STRESSED.

But they are not. Why? They do not PLAN or WORRY for the next lion chase. They do not ANALYSE their last lion chase. What they do is they RECOVER after the lion chase. They go and chew some grass and sunbath, scratch their backs on trees, whatever.

This is why ZEBRAS are mentioned in stress recovery sometimes. And this is why I choose to be one. I choose to rest when I need to. I choose to respect my body’s signals. And also SAVE the energy for the times I can need it more. As often as I manage...

And when I feel I might need an extra reminder I put my talisman on for help:


So do not be afraid of stress! Moderate stress pushes us forward and helps us achieve things!

As long as it is followed by RECOVERY and REST we are on the safe side   

There are still few hours left of this Sunday, so REST YOURSELF INTO THE NEW WEEK!

Love to All.

Av Kasia - 29 mars 2014 23:03

I was going to write about the Zebra-effect, but it does not tickle me at all tonight.

Do I dare to write about how CALM I managed to be the whole day? Will it make tomorrow a day from hell? Will I jinx it?

I will take the risk.

I don’t really know what happened. I don’t know what it was that I had done differently.

Often times the weekends are most challenging for me. I find no space for myself mentally and I feel it is too much to do with all the people, all the food and all the fixing.

But today?

All the children were happy, kind and helpful. At least 2 of 3 were unplugged most of the day (not only during Earth Hour!) doing stuff together with us, running outside. There was this symbiosis and harmony above us.

And now the question is, was I calmer because the whole family was so harmonious or were they harmonious because I was calmer?

Last Saturday I destroyed my day by doing too much. I did not repeat the same mistake today. I even took a nap during the day and several breaks in the sun. Am I possibly getting wiser? Am I possibly starting to listen to what my physical body needs?


Harmony, I spread my arms wide open to welcome you. Please stay!

Love to All and goodnight.

Av Kasia - 29 mars 2014 17:50

To make these not being able to eat them. It is pure love :)

Av Kasia - 29 mars 2014 09:18

2 pears
1 kiwi
Generous handfull Alfa-alfa sprouts
1tbl spoon unsalted almond butter
Hemp protein

And two teenagers around the table with me.

Quite OK breakfast combination :)

Sunny Saturday and Love to All.

Av Kasia - 28 mars 2014 10:05

Good things that already happened today:

I had my green juice, which was actually red because I still cannot resist those eco-beetroots!

I had enough mental peace (and that was early morning!) to let my 5-years-old “help” me to juice. Also we had a minute or two to play together and take a slow walk to the day care.

I had enough awareness with me to see a funny thing and take a picture of it (scroll down for result ;)

I managed to keep my heart beat SLOWLY all the way back home, which is seldom the case when I have things planned for the rest of the day.

I chose writing this post instead of washing my hair. That actually might have been a bad decision but I will have to live with or wear one of those:  

And now why do I think all those things happened and gave me a beautiful, mindful morning?

I see two reasons for that:

  1. It is a lovely, bright and sunny day and birds are singing like crazy.
  2. I took 10 minutes of my morning to MEDITATE. To start the day with SLOWING DOWN my thoughts rather than RUSHING them UP. To consciously choose my thoughts and mentally paint a picture of this day for myself.

This is something a stressed brain needs. Maybe even several times a day. To anchor my thoughts, to remind myself about conscious breathing. To focus of small GOOD things. Because nothing of that came naturally to me when I was stressed out. When my body was a machine to produce result, accomplish things. Because without them I thought I meant nothing.

I thought... If I thought that stuff was TRUE, maybe I can start THINKING and PRODUCING different kinds of thoughts and TRUTHS that are more beneficial and kind to me? I believe so. Now I do. One year ago I didn’t even know one could resonate this way.

And suddenly there was this new door, a new opportunity right in front of me:


Would you dare to pull the handle? Or at least stretch your hand and knock carefully?

Love and Sun to All.


Embracing the NOW, Zebra-style.


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